30 June 2015

I love Online Shopping!

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I have mentioned earlier on this blog that i love fashion.I just see clothes and my eyes pop out of my head (like in the cartoons).There was even a time i sent NEWLOOK a mail to open a store in Ghana because i was craving their clothing line.*covers face in shame* Because i loove fashion, i also love to shop. I think i am a shopaholic.At some point, i used to buy clothes on a daily basis which eventually made me  very broke so i had to cut down.Shopping for me is a sort of therapy and whenever i am sad and down, shopping cheers me up if i am sad. The only time shopping doesn't cheer me up when i am down is when i am in a very very dark place. However, this doesn't happen often
So what is the purpose of this long introduction on how much i love shopping? Even though i love to shop, i like to do it from the comfort of my bed rather than  going to the shops.I have been told by my friends that i am the only human being who prefers on line shopping to actually entering shops.(I know that i not true though.)I like online shopping because i get to scrutinize the clothes and imagine all the places i can wear it to before i buy them. When i lived abroad, i spent most of my spare time on online clothing stores looking at new trends and seeing what i could buy  afford. Unfortunately, i now live in a country(Ghana) where online shopping is yet to make waves so they are just a few online stores.Even the stores that claim to be online are not functional. Being determined to shop online from here, i searched and searched until i found an online boutique  which is fully functional. My joy knew no bounds the day i found Besaz Boutique. Besaz Boutique gave me cause to not give up on online shopping(review coming up soon) and i was glad with the results.
Well, what is the point of this post???I guess its to tell you how much i love clothes and online shopping and hopefully one of you lovely readers will offer to change my wardrobe!*winks*

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Much love to everyone!Thanks for reading!


  1. I also love to shop from home. However since I didn't receive my parcel and the shoes my friends ordered for me didn't fit, I'm too scared to shop online

    1. yhh..that could be very discouraging but if the company has a good returns policy,you can get it changed or refunded..

  2. Lol! I can relate. Online shopping is so convenient but you have to totally sure of your size though. Going store to store seaching for clothes makes me really dizzy.

  3. lol..yh..thats so true..as for me,i know my size in all the countries that make clothes..lol