25 June 2015

What Would You Do?

Hello everyone!
Someone needs advice!
so, my friend Naa recently reached out to me and wanted to know my opinion on something that has been bothering her. She has been hanging out with this guy she really likes and would love to date him. However, this guy(Kofi) is her friends(Akua) ex-boyfriend. The thing is that Akua and Kofi  broke up about three years ago and Naa never met Kofi whilst he was dating Akua. Also, long before Naa and Kofi met, Akua and Naa got into a fight and haven't spoken to each other ever since. Now Kofi has fallen head over heels in love with Naa and Naa also wants to be with him  but  doesn't know whether to date him or let the feelings die a natural death. She tells me that she is scared to date him because she feels like people would see her as a ' boyfriend snatcher' and judge her.
If you were in Naa's shoes, What would you do? and why would you take that decision?

NB- All names have been changed to protect the people involed

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  1. Hi miss Chrissy! Nice blog there..

    Well, if I was Naa, I'm sure I'd stay with kofi if I love him that much. Who knows, he might be my soulmate.. as for my friend she just has to deal with it.. period.. lol

    Much love, Nana ama

    1. I totally agree with you, they both should go ahead and date.

  2. thank you Nana ama!
    you will choose love over friendship..ok ooo..lol!

  3. Naa - I would say go for it..... AKua and Kofi were over long before you met Kofi. I do not see any unwritten girl code being broken here......

    1. #teamgoforit.."no unwritten girl code being broken here"..that is what i told her oo. thanks for stopping by..