14 July 2015

Question of the Day-Name change after marriage

Would you ever take your wife's surname(last-name)? or Ladies, would you prefer your husband takes your surname instead?

My friend put up an article on his blog titled 'WHY SHOULD I TAKE MY WIFE'S NAME'.This article paved way for a  debate which is still ongoing. I would like to know what you guys think about it.But before that,let me give you  a summary of my argument and his argument.

His argument
He is the only son of his father and would want to continue his fathers heritage.Besides,culturally, he is expected to do it.Also,since he is the one paying her dowry,it is only right that she takes his last name.

My argument
I don't think it is a big deal for you to take your wife's surname. What if she is also the only surviving child of her parents and has to keep her Father's legacy alive?Besides,its not about keeping your father's legacy alive but starting your own legacy.What then do i think  is the best solution to this brouhaha?Compound names!That way you get to keep your name and add your husbands name to it. And the best part of it all, your children get to have both your names!! :-)

What do you think about this issue? Are you for or against the motion and why?


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  1. I will still retain my father's name then my husband's name can be added last.Well it's simply for my old friends to still know who I am

    Do they use wife's surname? I haven't heard or seen any.


    1. some people i talked to are atually willing to take on their wife's surname if her father is someone like Bill Clinton..lol...
      Good points!

  2. Abi oo, I agree with chincobee, it us nit even in our culture for a man to take a woman's surname. It's an abomination

    1. thats true. i was just playing devils advocate *runsaway*

  3. It is and it is not a big issue depending on where you cone from and who you are. Where I come from (Onitsha) I'm expected to take my husbands lady name and I will do that with all pleasure. Those who don't like it can either keep their maiden name or hyphenate it