19 July 2015

Sunday Word- Spiritual Gifts

Happy Sunday lovely people!How has your day been?what did you do?Did you go to church?or you stayed at home and watched Africa magic?? :)
Well,i went to church and as usual,i taught sunday school. Church was fun and my kids were so cooperative except for the very little ones who decided they would run around the church and fight each other.I had to be very strict to get them to listen to me
Today's word was about Spiritual gifts and the scripture was taken from Romans 12:6-8
Every believer is a gifted person.As long as you have received Jesus as your saviour,you have a spiritual gift.These spiritual gifts are an evidence of Gods grace at work in your life.

What are the Spiritual gifts?
Romans 12:6-8 lists seven spiritual gifts.They are

Showing Mercy.

As Christians,we need to use our gifts to help others.If you are yet to find your gift ask God to help you see it and use it. l have been blessed with the gift of Teaching. I love to teach and impart knowledge on others.I may not be perfect but i try my best.
As you read and reflect on the various spiritual gifts,which gift(s) have you been blessed with?

Enjoy your Sunday!

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