20 July 2015

Its a Holiday!

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Its a HOLIDAY!!!!!Happy holiday lovely people[For those at work today,Happy Monday]!How are you spending your holiday/Monday?

Today has so far been awesome!I have been able to get some much needed sleep and I feel very refreshed.Since i have spent most of my day in bed,I will be going out with a friend later tonight.This friend of mine Kofi* is going through a very rough patch and I want to take him out so he can have fun and temporarily forget his worries.Ice creams are his guilty pleasures so tonight,i am taking him to Arleccino ice cream parlour to spoil him silly. Unfortunately for me,i dont eat Ice cream so id be drinking water whiles he indulges in sweet cold ice cream. I really do hope I can cheer him up though. :-)

What are you doing for your Monday/Holiday??Whatever it is,I hope you are having fun!


  1. I heard Ghana is a lovely country, hope to visit their soon.

    1. you really should!and id gladly host you..

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