18 July 2015


In my part of the world, Eid celebrations are taking place today. In view of that, Id like to wish all Muslims around the word a happy happy Eid ul fitr. May Allah grant you all your heart desires. Ameen.
Today has been a very colorful day here in Accra.As I was driving in town earlier,I saw a lot of Muslims having fun and celebrating in their beautifully made dresses.[side note-i just love how they have very beautiful fabrics.] Well, the celebrations going on is what inspired today's post on Celebration!
Celebrations are a social gathering or enjoyable activity held to celebrate something.Africans never pass up an opportunity to celebrate and have fun-from naming ceremonies,birthdays,weddings, even funerals-they would turn up until they burn out!I am one of those people you would call boring when it comes to celebrations.I am that person who goes for parties and never dances;that person who wouldn't even dance at her own party.I have been told many times that i have a way of taking the fun out of celebrations!.(I am wondering how i would even turn up at my own wedding!)Maybe, I am this way because I am super shy or maybe 'turning up is just not my thing'.There was this one time however that i was the life of a party.It has so far been my best celebration moment.It is the first and only time i reveled and made merry like no one's business. The occasion was at my 18th birthday party. So this is what happened- My friends decided that i had to have a birthday party so we could get to party hard. After months and months of begging my parents, they finally agreed and plans were made towards the party.A couple of schoolmates organised parties right before mine and they were all 'boring'(according to my friends' standards) because there was heavy adult supervision which meant no alcohol or dirty dancing. Thus, my BFF at the time  'purposed in her heart' to make my party the talk of town.We succeeded in convincing my big brother to get hard liquor for the party and also got him to convince the grownups to stay in the main building and let the kids party outside.(He had a huge crush on my BFF so he was willing to  do her that favor)Surprisingly,my dad agreed to this arrangement and only came out when it was time for me to cut my cake :) . Long story short, we all got wasted  drunk and partied hard  till midnight. I remember trying to 'grind' some boy i had a crush on. Mind you, i don't know how to dance so you can just imagine how disastrous it was!My friends taunted me with the video  recording for days!(I still get embarrassed every time i remember it).After partying at my house, we decided to continue at a club and it was fun. I got home at 3am and went straight to bed.Even though i had the worst hangover of my life that morning,it was the best the best time i ever had at a party.That morning my dad asked me what time i went to bed and i lied and said 12 30 am. He never found out that i went clubbing till today.(unless he reads this post,then I am doomed!). Writing about my 18th has made me feel all nostalgic!it was truly my best celebration moment.And yes, my party was the talk of town for months.Thanks to my BFF!

Its your turn to spill now!share with me your best/worst celebration moment.

                                                      For your listening pleasure :)

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  1. Lol@turn up at your own wedding

    You berra get used to it!!!! Leave your comfort zone


    1. lol. I have tried to leave my comfort zone but it doesnt work!I will try harder!

  2. Never a dull moment with me at parties, whether I am the celebrant or not,I always turn up.
    As per the Yoruba girl I am

    1. great.please i need 'how to turn up' lessons :)