08 July 2015

That Natural Hair life!

I am yet to understand this natural hair obsession!Everyone i know has cut their hair and is going on and on about #team natural.
No! I am not hating on people with natural hair..don't get me wrong..I am a proud natural sistah myself! So what am i going on about?
Well, i am just amazed how this natural hair businness has blown up!Everyone claims to be a connoisseur of natural hair-recommending this product or the other. Some people i know have decided to buy every single natural hair product they come across and yet their hair is not looking any healthier and neither is it growing!
Another thing i find fascinating is how people can leave their hair unkempt all in the name of a natural hair style. Jeez!I know its been said somewhere that we should embrace our natural hair and love it, but girl,' if the style aint making you look prim and proper,don't do it!' There is nothing avant garde about it when your hair looks like that of someone who has gone bonkers!I was at the mall sometime ago and saw this girl with a full head of natural hair. i am not too sure what the style she had on is called,but her hair looked kinda like this----->
just kidding
She looked unkempt!it looked like she hadn't combed her hair in days and i was wondering " what was she thinking"? 'Didn't anyone say anything to her before she left home! I don't even want to get started on people who wear their twist outs and two strand twists for weeks until its way over grown!Having natural hair doesnt mean you can leave your hair to look just any how because its stylish! People, your hair is your crowning glory!it has to look good!whew!*long sigh*

That being said,i have seen a number of people with very beautiful natural hair!Some natural sistahs just know how to work their hair!I have complemented a few people over how good their hair looked.

Unfortunately, i cant work my hair!i do not know how to style it so its always in braids or under wigs. Whenever i dont have braids on, i do two strand twists at the salon.
Having natural hair shouldnt cost you a fortune in salon or cream buying expenses.You dont need all the oils in the world or hair growth pills . I use shea butter and my hair loves it!You just need to find what works for you and stick with it.Being a product junkie will not help you!I am no expert on natural hair so id leave you in the hands of some able natural sistahs..You can find  links t their blogs here....
Ghanaian Empress blackgirl long hair african naturalista ghanaian naturals

To the natural sistahs in the house, I see you all!What tips and tricks do you use for your natural hair?


Well,just  maybe it is a rant after all! :-)

image sources-google images


  1. that was one funny post...lmho..the picture though.smh. btw, i am not a naturalista so id sit back and listen to the naturalistas.*i just dey observe*

  2. Great thoughts and those photos are really nice.

  3. nooooo!please write it again *smiles*

  4. Hello Chrissy, this is what I think - hair whether natural or relaxed makes no difference at all as long as it is healthy and does not look unkempt. I used to be natural but now I am relaxed but when I was natural I was obsessed to the point of madness - I decided to perm my hair in May because all that shrinkage really depresses me - also my hair was very 'stubborn' - I would moisturise, seal, etc but coving if left me in tears.

    Lol, I used to be a product junkie but now I know better - almost any product works. You just need the basics - shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and a sealant :)

    1. lol @ 'i was obssessed to the point of madness.'i also hate the shrinkage and the fact that my hair breaks like nobody's business.lol. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hian Christy why evuls??? don't let me change my mind ooo. Just made up my mind to join team natural cos my relaxed hair has done me more harm than good

    Btw those hair above motivated me..They look sooooo lovely


    1. lol..please go ahead with the natural hair. :-) just dont become a product junkie