29 June 2015


Do you agree with the picture above? Do you think money changes people's attitude? If you suddenly became a billionaire would you change?
I have been having this argument with my friend for a very long time now and he doesn't seem to agree with me that money changes people ( he makes some valid points in his arguments though).
 i have seen people who i have known for a very long time begin to act differently because they started earning some small cash. They begun to act like they run the world just because they had a little more than others.Also, people who are poor and suddenly became rich seem to think that they are very high up on the social ladder so everyone else should kowtow to them.
My friend on the other hand doesn't believe that money changes people. He is of the opinion that you can only be changed only if you are naive and its the first time you are getting that much money.He also thinks that people from old money ie people who have been rich all their lives are not changed by money.
Now,over to you guys. What do you think? Does money change people's attitude?


  1. deep sigh... Yyyyyyaaggggggaaaa Turn up Turn uP ladies and gentlemen... Found ya... and the crowd goesss OooosssShhhhheeeey Turn uP... Thanks for your kind comment on the confused gang... Kai you wihh know how to toast someboRRy shhaaaaa... heheheheh you need to see how I was blushing like a Chimpanzee on heat as I read ya comment in the morning eh... You are just the bestest...

    Okay... The truth is we have to face the truth... Money changes every man... when a broke man like me sees change... his life automatically changes... Some people call it pride... I just call it the power of the mOOlaH... To me that is not an issue... what becomes an issue is when the someboRRy let's the money control him fully... now that's when it becomes an issue... Baby. Mi (Pardon me... AYAM used to it) it's important to be in control of our wealth and not the other way... ehmm.. **scratches Relaxed due ori go go ro hair... lemme conclude like someone that has sense... lmao A popular quote goes... "god made man... man made money... and then **ghen ghen Money made man mad" thank you for always Bubba... Ya the bestest biko...

    1. lol.once again i find myself smiling whiles reading your comment..you are just full of life!You are welcome ooo!by the way, i wasnt 'toasting' you!just speaking the truth*winks*

      so u also agree that money changes people..nice! #teammoneychangespeople!lol