16 December 2015


Ohayo gozaimasu!Good morning! how do you do?

What happened on blogsphere whilst i was gone?? Please fill me in :-). 

So, whilst i was away, the lovely Naija mum nominated me for the Versatile blog award! How cool is that? Please do visit her blog. She has lovely stories to tell!
From what i gather, these are the rules of engagement ;-) 

  • Thank the person who gave you this award and include a link to their blog (DONE AND DONE).‎
  • Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and inform them too.‎
Here are seven wonderful things about me:
-I was born on May 1st and it has has been said that kids born on holidays are special sooo i am extra special :-)

- I am my dads favorite child and he doesn't hide it at all.lol 

-I am halfway through with my Masters programme (Can't wait to be done and start my PHD!)

- I love learning new languages. I did French during my undergraduate studies and i am currently studying Japanese. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!

-I loooooove to read and write.These are my favorite things to do aside sleeping.lol

-I dream of a better world so id like to start an NGO or work for one

-I believe in God and i love him more than anything. I know he has my back, always!!

There you have it. Unfortunately, all the bloggers i follow have already done the tag but if you haven't done it let me know so i can tag you.

If there is anything else you want to know about me, do drop a comment. Dont forget to tell me about yourself too!

Domo arigatou gozaimasu! gros bises! xx

14 December 2015

26 July 2015

Hello....how are you?

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Hello everyone!how are we all doing??great I hope?!I hope you are all having a restful sunday.
Remember our friend Baffour Awuah Tabury(click here to  read about him)???He has been able to raise some amount of money for the stem cell surgery but he needs a little bit more.So,I am appealing to us all to donate(anything you can give). To those of us who have already donated,I say God richly bless you and to those of us who are yet to donate,i pray that God touches your heart and gives you the means to do so. (nothing is too small)I also ask that we all remember him in our prayers so that the Good Lord will strengthen and heal him.Thank you very much and God bless us all!

Information on how to donate:

Donations can be sent to his Go fund me page at http://www.gofundme.com/btabury or paid into his account 

Ghana commercial bank account number 4011060002654

account name- Baffour Awuah Tabury

Takoradi branch

You can also donate via MTN Mobile money. 

The number is 0543791384 .

21 July 2015

Random Stuff

Hello everyone!Hows your day going??good?great?bad? Mine is going just fine-It could be better though.
I saw this on Facebook and thought I would share..Enjoy!


Which hymn best describe my driving? Well, i will say when I am on the University Campus or driving in town(Accra central),I sing  'It is well with my soul'..lol. But when I am heading home at the weekend and I am on the motorway(highway),It alternates between 'This world is not my home' and 'Nearer my God to thee'.hahahahahaaa! I 'gats' to learn to drive slowly! 

Tell me which of the hymns best describes your driving? I hope no one gets to 'Rest in Peace!'

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20 July 2015

Its a Holiday!

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Its a HOLIDAY!!!!!Happy holiday lovely people[For those at work today,Happy Monday]!How are you spending your holiday/Monday?

Today has so far been awesome!I have been able to get some much needed sleep and I feel very refreshed.Since i have spent most of my day in bed,I will be going out with a friend later tonight.This friend of mine Kofi* is going through a very rough patch and I want to take him out so he can have fun and temporarily forget his worries.Ice creams are his guilty pleasures so tonight,i am taking him to Arleccino ice cream parlour to spoil him silly. Unfortunately for me,i dont eat Ice cream so id be drinking water whiles he indulges in sweet cold ice cream. I really do hope I can cheer him up though. :-)

What are you doing for your Monday/Holiday??Whatever it is,I hope you are having fun!

19 July 2015

Sunday Word- Spiritual Gifts

Happy Sunday lovely people!How has your day been?what did you do?Did you go to church?or you stayed at home and watched Africa magic?? :)
Well,i went to church and as usual,i taught sunday school. Church was fun and my kids were so cooperative except for the very little ones who decided they would run around the church and fight each other.I had to be very strict to get them to listen to me
Today's word was about Spiritual gifts and the scripture was taken from Romans 12:6-8
Every believer is a gifted person.As long as you have received Jesus as your saviour,you have a spiritual gift.These spiritual gifts are an evidence of Gods grace at work in your life.

What are the Spiritual gifts?
Romans 12:6-8 lists seven spiritual gifts.They are

Showing Mercy.

As Christians,we need to use our gifts to help others.If you are yet to find your gift ask God to help you see it and use it. l have been blessed with the gift of Teaching. I love to teach and impart knowledge on others.I may not be perfect but i try my best.
As you read and reflect on the various spiritual gifts,which gift(s) have you been blessed with?

Enjoy your Sunday!

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18 July 2015


In my part of the world, Eid celebrations are taking place today. In view of that, Id like to wish all Muslims around the word a happy happy Eid ul fitr. May Allah grant you all your heart desires. Ameen.
Today has been a very colorful day here in Accra.As I was driving in town earlier,I saw a lot of Muslims having fun and celebrating in their beautifully made dresses.[side note-i just love how they have very beautiful fabrics.] Well, the celebrations going on is what inspired today's post on Celebration!
Celebrations are a social gathering or enjoyable activity held to celebrate something.Africans never pass up an opportunity to celebrate and have fun-from naming ceremonies,birthdays,weddings, even funerals-they would turn up until they burn out!I am one of those people you would call boring when it comes to celebrations.I am that person who goes for parties and never dances;that person who wouldn't even dance at her own party.I have been told many times that i have a way of taking the fun out of celebrations!.(I am wondering how i would even turn up at my own wedding!)Maybe, I am this way because I am super shy or maybe 'turning up is just not my thing'.There was this one time however that i was the life of a party.It has so far been my best celebration moment.It is the first and only time i reveled and made merry like no one's business. The occasion was at my 18th birthday party. So this is what happened- My friends decided that i had to have a birthday party so we could get to party hard. After months and months of begging my parents, they finally agreed and plans were made towards the party.A couple of schoolmates organised parties right before mine and they were all 'boring'(according to my friends' standards) because there was heavy adult supervision which meant no alcohol or dirty dancing. Thus, my BFF at the time  'purposed in her heart' to make my party the talk of town.We succeeded in convincing my big brother to get hard liquor for the party and also got him to convince the grownups to stay in the main building and let the kids party outside.(He had a huge crush on my BFF so he was willing to  do her that favor)Surprisingly,my dad agreed to this arrangement and only came out when it was time for me to cut my cake :) . Long story short, we all got wasted  drunk and partied hard  till midnight. I remember trying to 'grind' some boy i had a crush on. Mind you, i don't know how to dance so you can just imagine how disastrous it was!My friends taunted me with the video  recording for days!(I still get embarrassed every time i remember it).After partying at my house, we decided to continue at a club and it was fun. I got home at 3am and went straight to bed.Even though i had the worst hangover of my life that morning,it was the best the best time i ever had at a party.That morning my dad asked me what time i went to bed and i lied and said 12 30 am. He never found out that i went clubbing till today.(unless he reads this post,then I am doomed!). Writing about my 18th has made me feel all nostalgic!it was truly my best celebration moment.And yes, my party was the talk of town for months.Thanks to my BFF!

Its your turn to spill now!share with me your best/worst celebration moment.

                                                      For your listening pleasure :)

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17 July 2015

Help For Baffour Awuah Tabury

Please keep the help coming!Baffour needs us and share his story so that more people can reach out to him.#HELPFORBAFFOUR

'What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead'- Nelson Mandela

Read Baffour's story and share. I pray that as you read, the Holy Spirit will touch your heart so you donate. Nothing is ever too small for it is the little drops of water that make a mighty ocean.

Baffour Awuah Tabury is my name,an old boy of Adisadel college and a former student of university of Cape Coast but couldn't complete due to a spinal cord injury I sustained in 2007 which left me paralyzed waist down,i was in my final year at the university reading commerce when it happened so i had to forgo my course. My paralysis came about when i was knocked down by a car door,i was sitting in the car,when i go down about to close the door the car reverse all of a sudden and the door knocked me down,i became paralyzed that very moment,i was rushed to Effia-Nkwanta Regional hospital,there after x-rays was told i had a spinal cord injury which was beyond them so i was transferred to Korle Bu teaching hospital after 2 weeks there,all this time my urine and bowel(toilet) had seized so i was placed on catheter so the urine comes but the toilet still didn't come.At Korle Bu teaching hospital further examination were conducted(CT scans,X-rays,MIR's etc) and it was concluded i had a T12 spinal cord injury,i was operated twice to decompress the spine to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots and second because i had hematoma after the first operation,after all the operation i was discharged to go to Effia-Nkwanta regional hospital to go and do physiotherapy.The most devastating part of my story is that after the operations i still couldn't control my urine and bowel(toilet),i also had to battle severe pains,spasms,tingling and burning sensations which doesn't give me chance to sleep,since the injury in 2007,i can't boast of sleeping more than 3 hours both day and night due to the pains,spasms,tingling and burning sensations.My injury have taken me to different hospitals,clinics,churches
herbal homes but didn't produce any changes in my condition.

Luckily about 3 or 4 years ago some American doctors came to Ghana,Takoradi,Fijai specific to do charity and a friend took me there,they examined me and told me of stem cell therapy.They gave me website address of a stem cell clinic in Panama,i was told to contact the clinic,i did so,was asked to forward my medical records,also filled some form for the medical doctors to go through,later i was mailed that i was eligible for treatment and the cost was $32,400,duration was a                                                                 month.

You can read more about him on his facebook page here.

Donations can be sent to his Go fund me page at http://www.gofundme.com/btabury or paid into his account 
Ghana commercial bank account number 4011060002654

account name- Baffour Awuah Tabury

Takoradi branch

You can also donate via MTN Mobile money. The number is 0543791384 .

Please,nothing is too small to donate. You can also include him in your prayers and ask God for 

divine healing for him. May God continue to bless you even as you give.

16 July 2015


TALENT-According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, 'talent is a special ability that allows someone to do something well'

Lately, i have been watching a lot of talent shows, and its got me thinking-WHAT IS YOUR TALENT?
Even before i started to watch these talent shows, I used to question myself all the time as to what my talent is? I am not great at sports,i can's sing,i can't even dance to save my life!I have been thinking and thinking about that one thing i am great at and I still haven't been able to come up with a concrete answer.I am beginning to think that just maybe, i don't have a have a talent - except of course if shopping counts.
Some people are born with their talents and other people develop it through socialization.Unfortunately for me, i was neither born with it nor have i developed it through socialization. But, i still have hope that i will find my talent someday :-)
I have been privileged to have some very talented people as friends. My friend Sena for example knows how to design clothes and sew and she has never been to a design school in her life!another friend of mine can sing!Damn!the chick makes you want to float on the skies when she starts singing. She is really blessed with an angelic voice. Nii is also very great at what he does.He plays the bass guitar and piano effortlessly. you would think its a very easy thing to do but i have been told it is not easy at all.

Enough about me and my stories! Let me hear from you.What is your talent?and how has it helped you??