27 June 2015


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Who is a friend? Who do you call your friend?Do your friends reciprocate the love you show them?Do they take you for granted? I don't consider myself a social butterfly but I have a lot of friends;There are those who are my true friends and treat me as well as I treat them and those  friends who have treated me like crap in spite of all the love I showed them.In my 'book of life', I have categorized my friends into two groups.. My true friends and My selfish/fake friends
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True friends: These are the ones who would stand by you through thick and thin.The ones who would cry with you and smile with you.. The ones you tell your deepest secrets to and you can be sure they wont judge you; You become like siblings. These are the people who the song count on me by Whitney Houston(keep resting in peace!) was written about. When I think about my true friends, I always smile because they have done so much for me(you should see me grinning right now). They teach me to be a better version of myself everyday and i love them very much. My boyfriend is one of such friends and aside the fact that we are romantically involved *coughs*, he has shown me what true friendship is all about.
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Selfish/Fake friends:The picture above says it all!! These are the friends who are like leeches. They are only there for the good times and all they know how to do is take from you and  never give back. Additionally,they can be very ungrateful.They never stand up for you  and the least trouble, they put your friendship aside and act like idiots.
I have had my fair share of such people and once i realize what you are, i would kick you out of my life. I have a friend who is sooo magnanimous that people take advantage of him..Most of his friendships are one-sided and he has a lot of selfish friends.
Friendship does not have to be one sided, all the parties involved need to give it their best shot for it to work. If you are in a one sided friendship, im sorry but you have to review your friendship policies!

Now over to you, what kind of friend are you or what kind of friend do you wish to be?

much love!


  1. Hahahah. This Person def needs to check themself! The relationship isn't symbiotic at all hahaah.
    But friendship is a lot more than just giving or taking or doing both. Its about trust, its about dependence even though we like to think we work better independently which can be true in some cases. Someone you can laugh with and cry with. Someone who doesn't agree with you all the time but still sticks with you!

  2. lol..i need to like your comment. You just described what true friendship is all about. By the way, i love your blog!been stalking it for a long time *covers face*. id start commenting on it now!*cross my heart*

  3. heheheheheh Okay oh! Chrissy.. be coughing Cough of Love dia oh! Or should we get you a Syrup! heheheh Nice one Bubba.. I am glad that you are in Love with a Friend.. Its a priceless feeling I presume.. its a beauRRiful thing..

    You see yeah Bubba toh Smart.. I hardly use the word "FRIENDSHIP".. Why?! because I for one see it as too big a word to throw around anyhow.. I mean it is imperative that for someone to be tagged a "friend" yeah.. He/She must have shown signs that many other random human someboRRy's (Acquaintances) dont freely show.. as to me yeah.. that is what Friendship really entails.. "Going beyond the ordinary boundaries of love and Trust"...

    My am I glad that you have great Friends.. and are in Love.. Cause in all sincerity yeah baby mi.. Love and Friendships are what keeps the world in motion.. and the people of god said.. Amen!