30 June 2015


Give and it would come back to you,a good measure,pressed down and shaken together, running over....Luke 6:38.
There is joy in giving and this post i am about to share with you was written by the wonderful Anuoluwapo.She is a part of a team that is planning an empowerment programme for Widows and single moms and they would appreciate it if you can be of help in anyway(cash or kind.) Read what she says here:

An empowerment programme is being planned for financially challenged single moms/widows where they can learn basics which would enable them set up small businesses of their own. The overall aim is to better the lives of their children. Everyone deserves a happy childhood with education, decent food and clothing, yeah? This is one of the programmes we have. In the past 3 months we've visited the beautiful children at Kwara state's orphanage and Hope Orphanage, Idofian. We plan to do much more but need your help.

We're partnering with kind hearted business owners to train the participants. We would pay for the materials, provide start up capital for some, if not all of them and place some of them as interns under professionals for more further training. All they have to do is to get themselves to the venue. They do not even have to buy forms, it's completely free.

We need you to be a part by helping with publicity. Share with everyone on every social media platform you're on. We also need to reach radio/tv presenters/stations and bloggers in Ilorin. We need companies into food/drinks to partner with us. We need more people with large hearts who are willing to train free of charge. Soap makers, web designers, bakers, bead makers, caterers, photographers, fashion designers, as long as you can teach a skill, we need you. Of course we need money. I assure you nothing is too small. Help us raise funds. Be sure we'll be accountable. God bless your kind hearts. To help, please call 07069066083 or e-mail anutoki@gmail.com.

Continue to read the broadcasts we're sending around. Feel free to share it and this post.
Good news for struggling single moms/widows! Alma Benevolence Home brings to you an empowerment training at no cost. Courses include photography, make-up, baking, small chops, ankara shoe and bag, bead making, tailoring and lots more. To register, send your full names, phone no, age and 3 desired courses to 07069066083 by 11th July. Please don't keep to yourself, share with others.

Remember, there is more blessing in giving than receiving. God bless us al!


  1. God bless you. Thank you so much

    1. You are very welcome. its the least i can do to help.Hope it goes well.God bless u!