10 July 2015

Why I love my Country-Ghana

I am a Ghanaian-proudly Ghanaian!and there are many reasons why i love my country some of which are very funny.

#The food!

banku and tilapia

plantain and beans

Of course i had to start with food. Whats there not ot love about food?I  love Ghanaian food.From rice and groundnut soup to banku and tilapia.You just got to love Ghanaian food!My favourite of the lot is Kenkey with assorted fried fish and pepper. The kind of pleasure i get from eating it....mmmmmmm...I wouldnt give it u for all the rice in China!
kenkey and fried fish with pepper and shito

#The People
Always smiling
Ghanaian's are such lovely people.What is there not to love about us? 98% of the time, someone is willing to help you. One thing that is synonymous with Ghanaian's is hospitality and be rest assured that when you are in Ghana, you wont feel like a foreigner.

Also, Ghanaian's are very hilarious! They find humour in every serious situation and make it look trivial. The current ECG #dumsorcrises (light out) is a perfect example of how Ghanaians find humour in serious situations

#The way people give directions

It is never house no1 orange street in "Applewood estates" but rather 'when you get to the junction you would see a roasted plantain seller, right next to her is a blue kiosk. Go behind the blue kiosk and go straight down,you will see a house with a tall mango tree.Ask anyone you see there for bro kwesi. they will bring you to my house". How will you ever get to a place if you are given such directions?its little wonder we always get lost when looking for places!lol

#You too can be a celebrity

It is only in Ghana you can become a celebrity just by appearing in an advert or one movie. Who wouldnt want that? #offtobecomeacelebrity

# Blue kiosk

There is a "spot" or "blue kiosk" in every corner where people can go and unwind after a long day or go and get a 'boost' to start the day

#Greenwich Mean Time also known as Ghana Man Time(GMT)

In Ghana,when you are invited for a program, you don't have to be there at the stipulated time . No one is ever on time or in time. When you are going for a program,make sure you use your GhanaMan Time(GMT) otherwise.... Don't say i didn't warn you ooh!


You don't need an invitation to go for a party, wedding or outdooring. As long as you heard someone talk about the date and venue, you can go there and eat as much as you want!

This is why I love my country.These and many more is why i love being Ghanaian!
Share with me why you love your country

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  1. i love Ghana too!for the food and people..and also the beaches!

    Nana Ama

  2. Although I have never been to Ghana, I love the country - I love Ghanaian food, Kente and my friend said the people are as hospitable as Nigerians. I really love Nigerian and I try to visit as least twice a year - Good food, great music and the people are lovely . Love your blog :)

  3. thank you!you should visit sometime..i'm sure you will love it!Nigeria is like my second country.i have soooooo many Nigerian friends and they are sooo cool!They give me Nigerian food(cant remember the names) to eat :-) and i love it.

  4. I love the kenkey, I like the pepper and fried fish. I miss eating it. We have a Ghanaian who sells it fir us in my former area.
    I have never been to Ghana but am sure one day I will come, so you will host me


    1. i would gladly host you!im surprised you like kenkey!Most of my non-ghanaian friends complain that kenkey is sour when i blackmail them into eating it.lol

  5. I love the way they speak, English especially