01 July 2015

Happy Republic Day Ghana!

Happy Republic Day Ghana! It has been Fifty five years since Ghana became a republic. Fifty five years  since we gained control of everything in our beloved country.Fifty five years since we proved to the world that 'the black man is capable of managing his own affairs'. After Fifty five years, is it still worth celebrating  Republic day when almost everything  in the country  is in shambles?
 I bet Dr Kwame Nkrumah is turning in his grave right now.  This is not the Ghana he fought for! This is not the Ghana he had hoped to create! After Fifty five years, people still live in abject poverty, we are still experiencing #dumsor,corruption has now become the order of the day, petrol prices are being increased, Accra is still flooding and the floods are killing people, NHIS no longer works, school feeding programme is not as effective, the cedi is experiencing  a free fall to major currencies.So many problems!Which way Ghana?  Our leaders who fought  for our independence and for us to be a Republic must be really turning in their graves! Sonetimes i just loose hope in our political  system. Ghana is not about NPP or NDC neither is it about CPP or PPP. Though we are many, we are one people and we need to work together as one irrespective of our political  affiliation.

O Mother Ghana! Your children  are suffering! and we can only ask for help from above! I believe that if there is going to be a change  in the  way things are right now, it depends on you and i. we need to be the change we want to see.  As the next generation of leaders, we the youth need to rally together and bring our beloved  country  out of the pit it has fallen into. But, i am thankful. thankful for everything being a Ghanaian has taught me and even as i write this with a heavy heart, i am still convinced that we can make it.  I know we can make Ghana work again. I am hopeful and I know Ghana can once again become a beacon if hope. But that can only happen if you and I make an effort

To my Ghanaian brothers and sisters,Happy Republic day!Ghana will work again!Enjoy your holiday lovely people and when you say a prayer, say one for Mother Ghana too!

Proudly Ghanaian!  Me firi Ghana!

Arise Ghana youth for your country
the nation  demands your devotion
let us all unite to uphold  her and make her great and strong
we are all involved
we are all involved
we are all involved
in building our motherland.


*image sources-www.google.com


  1. God bless our homeland Ghana!and make our nation great and strong! i am also hopeful that things will get better!

    Nana Ama

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